Regional DSO in Need of More Reliable Dosimetry Service

A DSO Focused on Its Mission

Kids Dental Brands – Headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ

As one of the country’s largest Medicaid dental provider networks, Kids Dental Brands believes that every kid, regardless of family income, deserves quality, patient-centered dentistry. By providing support through centralized business services, they’ve been able to help practices achieve that mission by taking away the burden of some of the business management. One such support service includes offering a dosimetry program solution to meet employee safety and compliance needs.

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A Challenging Process Meets an Urgent Need

Kids Dental Brands had been using active dosimetry technology to manage their dosimetry program. Though the idea of being able to monitor exposure in-house seemed like a simple process, it turned out to be an administrative burden. Everyone managed their own program, and it took time away from the clinic staff to process, pull and print their readings. The software was not user friendly and was very labor intensive. “It was costing us more and we had to do more work” said Carlos Gaxiola, Clinical Operations Manager for Kids Dental Brands.

To make matters worse, the vendor was also now unable to meet its customer commitments, as the product was backordered for another 6 months. Immediate action was needed.


Positioned for Continued Growth

Founded in 2000 with a single practice, Kids Dental Brands has since grown to over 41 offices across 4 states, and is continuing to add locations and expand into more regions across the US. By partnering with RDC, they’ve been able to save 40% on the overall cost of the service, not to mention the countless hours of staff time saved by not needing to process badges themselves. With no backordered or delayed service, they’ve been able to maintain a compliant dosimetry program to keep their staff and business protected.


A Solution that Helps Achieve the Mission

By being able to centrally manage their dosimetry program, Kids Dental Brands can continue to allow their doctors to focus on their passion – providing the highest quality dentistry.  By taking the burden of the active dosimetry management off the staff, they can spend more time focusing on each patient that comes in the door.

Partnering with Radiation Detection Company

After finding RDC as a recommended provider from the North Carolina Regulatory Agency, Kids Dental Brands worked with sales consultant Tony Long to find a solution that met their needs. With RDC, they could have hands-off management, no backordered product, and live customer service with a dedicated account manager – all at a fraction of the cost.

Switching providers can often be a challenging feat, especially with large, multi-site organizations. “Initially, I was concerned about the swap” said Carlos. “It looks good on paper, but are the people on [RDC’s] end going to follow through? The customer service has been one of the best parts for us. Kerri and Tony have been very attentive and easy to communicate with”.

After making the switch, the RDC team helped make onboarding easy.It actually seems more complicated on paper than it actually is once you’re in the platform and doing it” says Carlos. “The platform is very user friendly”.

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