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Boone Health Center is a full-service hospital with over 1600 staff serving 25 counties in central Missouri. As a Magnet Hospital for its nursing excellence and state recognized hospital status, its mission to improve the health of the people and communities it serves has led to excellence in everything Boone Health does.


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Hidden Fees Stacking Up

In 2022, RSO Liesje Myers began the effort to achieve this excellence by improving the badge return rates for her staff to reduce the amount of fees they were paying for lost badges. As part of this effort, Liesje dissected the invoices to understand the impact of this effort. “It was costing the departments too much money. Once I started digging in, I was shocked at how many fees there were. There were so many things we got nickel and dimed on.” Liesje found that almost 20% of the dosimetry bill was going to extra fees outside of the badge price. Though Boone had used the same provider for more than a decade, it was time to see what the other options were.


Searching For Service Savings

Liesje looked online to see what other companies provided dosimetry service. While there were more options to choose from than she realized, only 2 other providers seemed to be established enough to support the extensive needs and size of her hospital organization. RSO community threads quickly whittled down the options to one clear winner: Radiation Detection Company.

Liesje worked with account specialist Larry Morgan to find a solution that fit what she was looking for. Larry’s attentiveness, and RDC’s ability to provide simplified pricing, invoicing and solve the challenges that Boone was experiencing made RDC seem like a promising solution.

Though RDC’s program looked appealing, Liesje was concerned about the amount of time and energy needed to make the switch. She figured it would be a laborious project to transfer names, dates, reports, and drive account setup. When RDC shared that all she needed to do was to share the reports from the previous vendor, it seemed too easy. 


The Difference the Right Company Makes

Liesje found she could save an estimated $10,000 annually by improving processes and reducing the annual badge cost by eliminating most of the extra fees. Not only did RDC not charge for things like badge setup, report copies, or account access, but they also had systems in place to help her better manage badges lost by employees, the very thing she originally set out to achieve. “You even send me a list of people that you haven’t received a badge from so all I have to do is forward the supervisor the email. We even get credits if they are returned late, that never used to happen.”


Saved Annually


Badge Setup & Onboarding

Partnering With RDC

Since partnering with RDC, Boone Health has not only been able to reduce costs for the organization through pricing and RDC supported processes, but also got a more

reliable, easy to use service for the rest of the staff. Liesje gained a supplier to help her succeed as the RSO and provide more value to her organization. With this,

Boone Health has been able to focus on doing what they do best, providing excellent care to their communities.

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