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Dosimetry badge solutions for every need

More smiles, fewer headaches. We’ve got solutions to make radiation safety as routine as daily flossing.

Whole Body OSL Dosimeter clipped to scrubs against a dark blue background.


(Optically Stimulated Luminescence)

  • Measures X-ray and gamma radiation
  • Most common for dental and veterinary offices
  • Great for whole body, area, and fetal monitoring
TLD Dosimeter on Blue Background


(Thermoluminescent Dosimeter)

  • Measures X-ray, beta, and gamma radiation
  • More common for medical fields 
  • Great for whole body, area, and fetal monitoring
TLD Dosimeter on Blue Background

TLD+ Neutron

(Thermoluminescent Dosimeter)

  • Measures X-ray, beta, gamma, and neutron radiation
  • More common for medical and nuclear fields
  • Great for whole body, area, and fetal monitoring
NetDose™ Dosimeter and Mobile application against a dark blue background next to a Top Rated Customer Service badge.

NetDose™ Dosimeter

(Digital Dosimeter)

  • Say goodbye to shipping badges for good
  • Gain peace of mind with increased dose granularity
  • Great for high dose environments
A woman's hand with a Ring Dosimeter Badge on her pointer finger against a dark blue background.

TLD Ring

(Thermoluminescent Dosimeter)

  • Measures X-ray, beta, and gamma radiation
  • Measure extremity exposure during dental procedures
  • Wear in addition to whole body badges
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Robyn D
Clarinda Family Dentistry
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GREAT Customer Service ! Reasonable pricing. Super value for the investment in the safety of our staff.
Gabriel C
Gabriel Cano DDS A Dental Corp
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Honestly the best customer service is what I felt calling and speaking with your company. The previous company we used for years never had a live person answer the phone. I always sent inquiries and left messages for someone to call back. They had not sent us new badges in a long time but were willing to bill me for another year. It was terrible customer service with the other company. Terrible. You understood the importance it is for us to keep our staff and patients safe around radiation and I appreciate that.
Jillian P
Moores Chapel Dentistry
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It was so easy to create a new account and the return shipping is easy!

Case Study

How Kid's Dental Brands Overcame Compliance Risks from a Backordered Digital Product

Though the idea of being able to monitor exposure with digital dosimetry in-house seemed like a simple process, it turned out to be an administrative burden. 

To make matters worse, the vendor was also now unable to meet its customer commitments, as the product was backordered for another 6 months. Immediate action was needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find dental dosimetry answers

We’ve answered common dental radiation monitoring questions below, and you can always call us for live help.

Are dosimeters mandatory in dental offices?

Yes, dosimeters are often mandatory in dental offices, especially for staff who may be exposed to radiation during procedures. These dosimeters help monitor radiation exposure levels and ensure compliance with safety regulations.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information, please consult the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s list of NRC and Agreement States.

Feeling overwhelmed? We can help. Reach out to RDC directly and we’ll walk you through our personalized recommendations to keep your entire team safe.

Locate the label on your radiation-emitting device to determine the type of radiation used in your office. In dental offices, this typically includes X-ray and any other imaging technology used to diagnose dental conditions.

Dental practices should consult the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for Occupational Dose Limits, as well as the ADA and relevant state guidance for dental dosimeter badge requirements.

Dental personnel wear dosimeters to monitor their radiation exposure. They may also wear shielding equipment to limit exposure.

Keep your badge in a safe place away from radiation. Only remove it to wear during your shift, and promptly store it at the end of each shift.

We put together a post on Best Practices for Wearing and Maintaining an X-Ray Badge – with more answers to keep your badges secure and your practice compliant.

Anyone working near radioactive materials or radiation-emitting equipment is at risk for exposure.

We have more answers! Visit our FAQ page or call us if you need more support.

Dental staff pose for a photo while wearing scrubs and a white coat.

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A dental technician poses for a smile near imaging equipment.

The Importance of Radiation Badges for Dental Offices

Learn about sources of radiation in dental offices, why radiation badges are important, which staff members should wear them, and best practices regarding badge usage.

A dentist smiling and holding an X-ray while wearing a dosimeter badge.

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