National DSO Needing an Effective Compliance Program

A DSO Seeking Quick Compliance

A nationally recognized Dental Services Organization (DSO) with over 1600 locations across 29 states were facing compliance challenges across their portfolio of locations.

Radiation Safety Programs were independently managed by the facilities, which opened risk for poor supply chain management, and increased spend due to low-volume quantities. This resulted in numerous fines for non-compliance across many of their clinics throughout the country and created a liability for the company.

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Fast Accumulating Fines Need Fast Action

With the list of fines quickly growing, they needed to implement a high standards radiation safety program to protect their employees, their company and get them back on track with compliance, fast.

They needed a simple solution that contained all of their clinics under one roof.


Minimizing Operational Impact

The DSO’s regulatory specialist connected with RDC to see if there was a simple solution to their growing issues and to minimize further fines.

Early in the process, the customer was concerned how over 1600 locations could be migrated to RDC’s service without issues. RDC’s model involves assigning a dedicated onboarding team and this level of attention resulted in a quick and easy transition of all locations without an operational impact on the customer.


Easy Compliant Solutions

With access to RDC’s online account management system MyRadCare, they found they could also now easily manage all of their locations quickly and easily in one spot. Reports are easily accessible with all clinics in one portal and radiation badge deliveries on time.

But even more, the DSO was also excited to find out they would have a free dedicated account manager. With RDC, large corporate accounts have the ability to receive a dedicated account manager to help continue providing an effortless process for the customer and part of that is having a direct line of communication to a specialized rep who knows their business.


Partnering With RDC

With an RDC radiation safety program in place, now over 1200 employees who interact with radiation have their exposure monitored for any issues, giving both the employees and the company peace of mind.

Since partnering with RDC, the customer has been able to achieve a satisfactory level of compliance across all of their locations throughout the country.

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