How to Get an Xray Badge for Radiation Monitoring 

Radiation Safety

How to Get an Xray Badge for Radiation Monitoring

Learn how to easily obtain an Xray badge for radiation monitoring and ensure the safety of your workplace.

Radiation monitoring plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of workers in various occupational settings where radiation sources or radiation-emitting devices are present. In this blog post, we’ll cover the benefits of radiation monitoring, what to look for in a badge service, and how to order Xray badges.

Key Takeaways

  • An Xray badge service helps detect and measure radiation levels to identify and mitigate potential health risks due to radiation exposure.
  • Monitoring radiation is an occupational safety requirement because it protects your team and the general public from harmful radiation doses.
  • Federal and state agencies, including the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), require monitoring as part of radiation safety guidelines.
  • When searching for an Xray badge service, you should consider your industry’s requirements and choose a NVLAP-accredited provider with guaranteed continuity of service, ease of access, exceptional customer care, and proven industry excellence.

Why Is Radiation Monitoring Required?

Employees working with radioactive materials and near radiation-emitting equipment may face prolonged exposure. Routine radiation monitoring enables companies to assess exposure levels and enforce safety protocols to safeguard their employees and the public.

We’re reviewing the benefits of monitoring occupational radiation exposure in further detail below.

Early Detection of Radiation Exposure

By using Xray badges for radiation monitoring, organizations can quickly detect any potential radiation exposure. Continuous badge service allows for timely intervention and necessary precautions to minimize immediate and long-term health risks.

Evaluating Radiation Safety Risk Management

Radiation monitoring provides valuable data for risk assessment and management. By analyzing the radiation levels and patterns, organizations can identify areas that require additional safety measures and implement effective strategies to mitigate risks.

Radiation dose reports can help organizations identify potential leaks, equipment malfunctions, and shielding opportunities.

Employee Health Protections

Continuous monitoring of radiation levels helps protect workers from the harmful effects of prolonged radiation exposure. By promptly identifying areas with high levels of radiation, organizations can take appropriate measures to minimize exposure and ensure the well-being of their employees.

Employees who feel safe and protected in their workplace can show up confidently and focus on completing their day-to-day tasks with fewer distractions. Radiation monitoring also makes it easier for organizations to keep accurate records of occupational dose reports, safeguarding them from future lawsuits.

Organizations can create a secure work environment for their employees by prioritizing safety and implementing proper monitoring protocols.

Radiation Safety Compliance

Perhaps most importantly, legal requirements and compliance regulations with state and federal agencies make radiation monitoring necessary for various occupational settings. Regular monitoring also offers peace of mind for employees, organizations, and the public they serve.

Many industries, such as healthcare, veterinary care, nuclear power, dentistry, and manufacturing, must comply with radiation safety regulations. Radiation monitoring helps organizations meet state and federal requirements, avoid penalties, and protect employees by proactively mitigating overexposure.

Why Radiation Detection Company is the Best Xray Badge Service Provider

Organizations have quite a few options for radiation monitoring services. Below, we’re sharing a few reasons why Radiation Detection Company (RDC) stands out as a leading provider of Xray badge service.

75+ Years of Continuous Badge Service

RDC has helped over 28,000 organizations quickly achieve and maintain compliance with radiation monitoring requirements. Our extensive experience and industry expertise have made us a trusted choice for many businesses since 1949.

Easy 5-Minute Signup

With RDC, signing up for Xray badge service is quick and hassle-free. We understand the importance of efficiency and strive to make the experience as smooth as possible for our customers. You can build your order online and secure badge service in as little as 5 minutes!

Fast Badge Delivery

RDC makes it easy to start monitoring radiation levels without delay. We know radiation safety can’t wait, and sometimes, you need badge service yesterday – that’s why we offer rush shipping with badge delivery in as little as two days.

24/7 Online Portal

We've built our user-friendly online portal to address customers’ needs based on their direct feedback. Your account includes 24/7 access to radiation dose reports, so you’ll always know which team members are at risk or in compliance.

Our online portal makes it easy to access up-to-date information to minimize safety risks to your staff and disruptions to your business. You’ll always know what to expect with RDC – we offer industry-leading price transparency to help you avoid costly hidden fees.

Exceptional Customer Satisfaction

RDC has consistently delivered excellent service to our clients, earning a 99% customer satisfaction rate. We’re committed to providing in-house, US-based customer support so you can get quick answers and reliable solutions from our knowledgeable Customer Success team.

Badge Diversity

We pride ourselves on offering various options to meet our clients’ needs, from TLD to OSL badges, to digital dosimeters, area monitors, extremity badges, radiation safety training, leak tests, and more.

With RDC as your Xray badge service provider, your organization can have peace of mind knowing that your radiation monitoring needs are in capable hands.

What to Expect: Dosimetry Service from Radiation Detection Company

Getting started with Xray badge service from Radiation Detection Company is a straightforward process. We've outlined the steps below so you know exactly what to expect.

Step 1: Sign Up

You can start badge service any time using our easy 5-minute signup or call 1 (800) 250-3314 to place your order. Our dedicated Sales team is available to answer any questions and provide assistance throughout the signup process. Choose the type and quantity of badges you need and select your desired reporting frequency. This customization ensures that your service caters to your industry's specific requirements.

Step 2: Set Up Your MyRadCare Account

You can enroll in your free online portal, MyRadCare, during the online signup process. Existing customers can sign up for MyRadCare at any time and access our MyRadCare platform 24/7.

MyRadCare allows you to:

  • View and print dose reports on demand
  • Create NRC Form 5 Reports in minutes
  • Add, delete, and change wearers
  • Schedule orders for new wearers
  • Order replacements for lost or damaged badges
  • View, pay, and print invoices
  • Receive email notifications for shipments, late badges, invoices, and published reports
  • View when badges are issued and returned
  • Track shipments

Step 3: Prepare for Badge Delivery

RDC ensures that your badges are ready to wear when you receive them. We prioritize timely delivery and provide a new set of badges before the start of each wear period.

Step 4: Complete Your Badge Return

Be sure to collect and ship your badges back to RDC on time to avoid unreturned badge fees and disruptions in service. We offer an automated EasyReturns process to streamline this step.

Once your badges reach RDC headquarters in Georgetown, Texas, we’ll scan them, degate and separate them, and hand them over to our lab for processing.

Step 5: Access Radiation Dose Reports

After analyzing your results, we’ll upload all the data to your online portal. MyRadCare allows you to access and review your radiation dose reports easily.

Individual badge wearers can also use DoseCheck to see their year-to-date and previous year’s dose at any time. This feature is free of charge to our customers; this view is not an accredited format and does not qualify for audit purposes. DoseCheck does, however, enable badge wearers to review their exposure whenever they want.

By following the steps above, organizations can seamlessly implement Xray badge service from RDC and ensure effective radiation monitoring.

Take the Next Step: Sign Up for Badge Service with RDC

To sign up for badge service with Radiation Detection Company, you have two convenient options:

Order Radiation Badges Online

You can start building your badge order online with our intuitive ordering process. You’ll be able to select your badge type, quantity, reporting frequency, and shipping options according to your preferences.

Need more time to complete your order? Our Badge Order Guide can help you get started.

Contact RDC Directly

Alternatively, you can call us directly at 1 (800) 250-3314 to speak with our Sales team and place your order over the phone. We’re ready to assist you and address any questions you may have.

Whether you call or order online, RDC ensures a smooth and efficient signup process for your badge service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a radiation badge?

Order a radiation badge online or call 1 (800) 250-3314 to speak to the Sales team at Radiation Detection Company.

Who is required to wear a radiation badge?

Radiation monitoring is crucial in occupational settings to protect employees, stay compliant with federal and state guidelines, and safeguard public well-being. An Xray badge provides an effective method of continuously detecting and measuring radiation exposure.

Employees exposed to radiation, such as those in healthcare, nuclear facilities, or research labs, are typically required to wear a radiation badge.

What is an Xray badge?

An Xray badge is a wearable device used to monitor a person's exposure to radiation, typically worn by individuals who work with radiation sources.

How do you get a dosimeter?

To obtain a dosimeter, you typically need to contact your workplace's radiation safety officer or a specialized radiation detection company like RDC. We will provide you with the necessary dosimeter and instructions for use.


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