9 Reasons RDC’s New Digital Radiation Dosimeter Is Right for Your Organization


9 Reasons RDC's New Digital Radiation Dosimeter Is Right for Your Organization

We're excited to introduce our newest dosimetry solution, the NetDose Digital Dosimeter! In this article we'll explore why using this digital dosimeter could make the most sense based on the needs of your organization. 

We hope that you find this article informative, and as always, we look forward to hearing your feedback! 

How Does a Digital Dosimeter Display Ionizing Radiation Exposure? 

There are five types of ionizing radiation: alpha radiation, beta radiation, neutron radiation, gamma radiation, and x-rays). You'll remember that ionizing radiation is a form of energy that acts by removing electrons from atoms and molecules of materials (i.e. living tissue, water, and air). 

If your organization has employees that work with or have the potential to be exposed to radiation or radioactive material, monitoring the levels of exposure they receive is vital. Generally, those in contact with radioactive substances during the regular course of their employment (or those who have the potential to be exposed to radiation), carry personal radiation dosimeters. These are also sometimes referred to as personal radiation detectors. 

A digital dosimeter is a semi-passive radiation dosimeter that is used to estimate ionizing radiation dose of the individual wearing it. Personal dose equivalent is a measure of the biological damage to living tissue as a result of exposure to radiation. Digital dosimeters provide a real-time direct display of information about the measured dose for the individual wearing the device. 

RDC's Digital Dosimeter provides real-time direct display of dose report readout.

Radiation Dose Reporting with Digital Dosimeters 

Organizations that have switched to digital dosimeters have placed a significant amount of value on the convenience of being able to upload dose results whenever it's convenient for them, instead of being tied to a set schedule dictated by an external team. This increased autonomy makes dose reporting with a digital dosimeter more convenient than alternative dosimetry solutions. 

The Specs: RDC's NetDose Digital Dosimeter 

RDC's new NetDose dosimeter (Type 600295-A) utilizes silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) technology for real-time dose determination with a minimal reportable dose of 1 mrem (0.01 mSv). 

The NetDose dosimeter is used to monitor occupational exposure to an individual working with radioactive materials emitting gamma rays and/or X-rays. 

This dosimeter ensures the dose received remains within the allowable dose limit and provides organizations with real-time insights and peace of mind in confirming safety in the work environment. 

Energies Measured

Photons (both gamma and x-ray radiation). Photon: 17 keV – 6.7 MeV. 

Reporting Periods

On-demand with routine read weekly - no need for the usual routine of shipping badges. This dosimeter takes incremental dose readings every hour and stores results in memory, which is transmitted on demand or automatically weekly. This gives organizations more autonomy and control over radiation dose report times. 

Badge Reassignments

The NetDose Digital Dosimeter can be easily reassigned to other workers, and the dosimeter can keep track of who had the exposure at what time. 

Next-Generation Safety: Radiation Detection Company Announces Availability of New Digital Dosimeter

NetDose Digital Dosimeter - Say Goodbye to Shipping for Good

Your Organization Should Make the Switch to RDC’s NetDose If You Value ... 

1) Cost Savings

The elimination of shipping requirements allows an organization to save a considerable amount of money annually. Shipping costs are most pronounced for clinics with a small number of badges who return them for processing monthly or quarterly. 

2) Convenience

The ability to upload dose results when it is convenient - rather than being tied to a schedule - leads to increased autonomy within an organization's radiation safety program.  

3) Avoiding Lost Badge Shipments 

Organizations that have experienced a history of lost badge shipments can avoid these fees moving forward. This also reduces the gaps in dose reporting that such circumstances cause. 

4) Easy Badge Reassignments 

The ease of assigning and reassigning badges online makes personnel changes less stressful and more cost-effective. 

Easy Badge Reassignments with RDC's Digital Dosimeter

5) On-Demand Dose Readings 

On-demand readings and dose reporting are crucial for organizations whose employees have the potential to experience elevated levels of radiation or work in a dangerous radiation zone. 

6) Photon Measurement and Incremental Dose Readings

NetDose measures photons (both gamma and x-ray radiation) and takes incremental dose readings every hour to provide on-demand reporting. 

7) Quality and Peace of Mind 

NetDose provides an organization with the peace of mind that their occupational radiation workers are protected. 

8) Service Standards and Accreditation

NetDose is an NVLAP accredited (NVLAP Code 60295-0, Thermo Fisher Scientific Dosimetry Services) semi-passive radiation dosimeter with a Lower Limit of Detection (LLD) of 1 mrem (0.01 mSv). This means this dosimeter reports doses down to very low levels.  

Quality Service Standards with RDC

The NetDose dosimeter can be configured to record doses at various intervals, providing a comprehensive overview of cumulative radiation exposure. Additionally, the device monitoring the dose rate per hour (incremental exposure) throughout the week offers a more detailed analysis. This allows users to identify outliers in exposure rates and make informed adjustments to radiation protection techniques. By analyzing data for spikes in dose rates and modifying factors like time, distance, or shielding safety can be enhanced. Specific tasks or activities can be done with more granular data than a month, week, or day. 

9) Advanced Technology and Devices 

In general, professionals are more interested in changing the way they do business with respect to personal dosimeters. With a desire for less traditional passive radiation monitoring for an advanced alternative.

Let RDC Help Choose the Right Solution for Your Organization  

Radiation Detection Company has 75 years of experience providing quality dosimetry service to over 28,000 companies nationwide. Have a question that we didn't address in this article? Reach out to our Support team, and one of our specialists will be more than happy to help.  To learn more about NetDose Digital Dosimetry, visit here.


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