The Importance of Proper Radiation Safety Training

Radiation Safety

The Importance of Proper Radiation Safety Training

Protecting your company's personnel is of the utmost importance when you operate a business that has the potential to expose your employees to radiation. That's why proper radiation safety training is a critical piece in keeping your personnel informed on all procedures, and ultimately keeping them safe on the job. In this article, we'll explore more deeply the ins and outs of radiation safety training. 

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ALARA and the Three Basic Principles of Radiation Safety 

The cornerstone of radiation safety is referred to as “ALARA.” ALARA is an acronym that stands for “as low as reasonably achievable.” This means the goal of any radiation safety program is to keep each worker's radiation dose as low as possible. 

To accomplish this goal of avoiding ionizing radiation hazards, there are three basic protective measures that are used to limit exposure to radioactive materials (when it can't be avoided entirely). 


Simply the amount of time spent near a source of radiation. This duration should be minimized whenever possible, while still allowing the worker to accomplish their necessary tasks. 


The proximity to a source of radiation. The amount of distance should be maximized at all times, as increasing the distance leads to decreasing the radiation dose. 


Shielding refers to simply putting something in-between the person and the source of radiation. The item shielding could be a wall, protective clothing, or other equipment to assist in proper shielding. 

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Training Personnel Who Interact with Radioactive Materials 

The United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) requires that all individuals - who in the course of their employment are likely to receive a dose of more than 100 millirem annually - receive adequate initial training to protect themselves against radiation. The initial training can be online training, or an in-person course depending on the organization. It will teach basic concepts as well as the biological effects exposure can have on a radiation worker. The level of training should be appropriate for the risk of exposure, meaning additional training might be required. For example, entry into high radiation areas, contaminated areas, or airborne contamination areas would require more training. 

A Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) is a crucial part of the radiation training and safety programs for any company that interacts with radioactive material. A company's RSC is generally in charge of administering annual radiation safety training courses, as well as refresher training (which can be an online course). You can read more about "The Importance of a Radiation Safety Committee," in one of our recent blog posts. 

Online courses have become increasingly popular, as personnel can take training modules in a matter that fits their schedule, and administrators can track their progress. These training courses not only address day-to-day situations and interactions with sources of radiation, but also the proper methods of radioactive waste management. That is, the safe treatment, storage, and disposal of any liquid, solid, or gas discharge from radioactive materials, with the goal of protecting all personnel, the public, and the environment. 

To learn more about the extensive radiation protection measures companies must take, please check out our recent blog, "Radiation Safety Programs: A Comprehensive Guide." 

How To Improve Your Company’s Radiation Safety

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