The Importance of a Radiation Safety Committee

Radiation Safety

The Importance of a Radiation Safety Committee

A Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) is an integral part of the radiation safety program for any business that interacts with radioactive material and/or X-ray generating devices. In this article, we'll dive deeper into the importance of the Radiation Safety Committee in the day-to-day operations of such companies. 

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Who is Included in a Radiation Safety Committee? 

A Radiation Safety Committee usually consists of a Radiation Safety Officer (RSO), a management representative, and personnel who work with radiation-producing devices or are otherwise at risk of occupational exposure. The RSC is ultimately the governing body for all aspects of radiation protection in the workplace. 

The Role of a Radiation Safety Officer 

A Radiation Safety Officer is responsible for the implementation, coordination, and day-to-day supervision of a company's Radiation Protection Program, or RPP. We'll share more on that below.

The RSO is tasked with following all federal and state regulations. They also have the authority to enforce radiation policies and procedures with respect to radiation safety and regulatory compliance. 

Qualifications of a Radiation Safety Officer 

RSO qualifications vary both by the industry that the company operates in, and the radioactive materials and X-ray generating devices that the company works with. But the requirements are generally quite stringent. 

What's an RPP? 

An RPP (radiation protection plan) is the way the company will implement the regulations at their site in addition to the radiation safety program. It’s basically an agreement between the regulator and the company on how they will comply with the law to provide a safe working environment for radiation workers and the general public. The maintenance of an environment focused on occupational safety is crucial for all radiation workers, and protects them from the dangers of radiation exposure. 

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Proper Procedures for Radioactive Materials and X-ray Generating Devices 

It's important for the Radiation Safety Committee to ensure that their company's in compliance with all state and federal regulations. 

As is detailed in our recent blog, "Radiation Safety Programs: A Comprehensive Guide," an effective radiation safety program includes: 

  • A dosimetry program in which personal exposure monitoring is conducted as required by federal or state regulations. 
  • Surveys and area monitoring to document elevated radiation levels, contamination with radioactive materials, and potential occupational exposures. 
  • Radiological controls, including entry and exit controls, receiving, inventory control, storage, and disposal. 
  • Proper training for workers with respect to radiation protection, including the negative health effects associated with ionizing radiation dose. 
  • Emergency procedures to recognize and respond to radiological emergency situations. 
  • Accurate reporting to maintain all records and provide dosimetry reports and notifications. 
  • Internal procedures to audit all aspects of the radiation program annually to ensure adequate protection. 

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