Who’s Who: 8 Radiation Companies Providing Dosimetry Solutions


Who's Who: 8 Radiation Companies Providing Dosimetry Solutions

Ionizing radiation is a danger in many occupational settings, which makes diversified solutions able to address potential exposure to radioactive material so crucial.  

Ionizing radiation is radiation consisting of particles, x-rays, or gamma rays (gamma radiation) with energy powerful enough to cause ionization in the medium through which it passes.  

In this article, we'll take a deeper look at companies that offer quality radiation protection products and solutions.  

Companies Featuring Personal Radiation Dosimetry  

Radiation Detection Company  

Radiation Detection Company was founded in 1949 and is the longest operating dosimetry company in the world. Located in Georgetown, TX, centrally serving customers, RDC can deliver badges in as little as 2 days with their fully domestic supply chain and report turnaround in 10 days or less.  

RDC’s core values and dedicated staff have made it the top-rated dosimetry service on the market. Coming in industry first with customer satisfaction, they’ve earned the top spot in providing a reliable radiation safety solution offering radiation badges for customers across industries including healthcare, veterinary, and dental. RDC’s simple badge solution can be viewed here

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With a customer first approach to service and radiation safety, RDC has the best-in industry user platform to manage badges such as OSL Whole Body, TLD Whole Body, TLD Fetal, TLD Wrist, TLD Ring, TLD Area monitors, TLD +Neutron, and Environmental badges. An active dosimetry solution is still in the works for those that need real time monitoring. 

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Since 1954, LANDAUER has worked with customers in the dental, veterinary, medical and other industries to help companies achieve their radiation monitoring needs. The company is headquartered in Glenwood, Illinois, and their Luxel+ dosimeters can be found in many of the hospitals across the U.S.  

LANDAUER has a focus highly on identifying and mitigating potential risks associated with ionizing radiation and has a sustained history of innovation and dedication in providing solutions. 

With innovation being a key point in their business, LANDAUER offers an unaccredited active dosimeter RaySafe that can be worn along with an OSL Whole Body, TLD Ring, Lens of Eye, and TLD Area monitors.  The active dosimeter is more of an ALARA tool that is intended to give feedback to the team on how to reduce dose and isn’t for official dose record. 

Eye catching sticker prices might sway an unsavvy searcher, but many hidden fees are tacked onto service costs. Smaller practices could face a quicker reality when searching for service in regards to the initial cost being too high. 

Mirion Technologies  

Since 1987, Mirion has provided radiation monitoring systems, portable radiation measurement equipment, and dosimetry solutions to its customers. The company is headquartered in Atlanta GA, and works with nuclear power plants, military and civil defense agencies, hospitals, universities, national labs, and other specialized industries.  

Mirion’s real-time reader (Instadose) benefits organizations that need a more active dosimetry solution. Along with that, they also offer BeOSL Whole Body, TLD Whole Body, TLD Ring, TLD Area and TLD Eye monitors.  

As a company vastly focused on radiation solutions, they have multiple departments that can cloud the personal dosimetry area. With that in mind, getting in touch with the correct department can take a little more persistence as well as a delay in badge shipments and reports.  

Thermo Fisher Scientific  

Founded in 1956, Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a complete suite of radiation dosimeter badges, readers, and other products for reliable and accurate environmental monitoring and personal radiation monitoring. Thermo Fisher Scientific is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts.  

Thermo Fisher offers a wide range of radiation solutions and particularly for dosimetry has TrueDose active dosimeter, TLD Whole Body and TLD Ring badge options. Although occupational dosimetry isn’t the key focus on this business, overall radiation safety is. 

Materials that block radiation

Companies Providing Industry Specific Services 

Patterson Veterinary 

As a recognized name in the veterinary space, Patterson Veterinary has been providing full practice support for veterinarians since 1946. Headquartered in Loveland, CO, Patterson Veterinary has the goal of focusing on clinic success so veterinarians can focus on patient care. 

Along with a wide range of services offered by Patterson Veterinary, they also offer passive dosimetry solutions with TLD Whole Body, OSL Whole Body, TLD Fetal, TLD Ring, TLD Wrist and TLD Area Monitoring.  

Patterson Veterinary helps veterinary offices of any size and offers a wide range of solutions catered to specific practice needs and requirements.  


Another well-known name in the veterinary space is MWI that has been helping vet practices have simple solutions to their needs since 1976. MWI’s goal is helping provide top tier animal care, customer service and managing vet practices so practice owners can focus on what matters most.  

Part of MWI’s goal is establishing safety measures for veterinary clinics by providing dosimetry solutions from OSL Whole Body badges to an array of TLD options like whole body, fetal, ring, wrist and area monitors.  

The takeaway, MWI relieves the pressure from veterinary practices by filling in the steps where needed. This hands-off approach helps those in the practice focus on delivering better patient care. 


As the leading healthcare performance improvement company, Vizient is trusted by over 50% of healthcare organizations in the nation. Vizient’s goal is to relieve the added stresses of the medical industry by collaborating with their members to shape extraordinary care at each organization they work with. 

By helping members control costs and have access to quality goods, Vizient offers radiation monitoring solutions at a reduced rate. Dosimeters include the OSL Whole Body, TLD Whole Body, TLD Fetal, TLD wrist, TLD ring, TLD area and active monitoring solutions. 

Vizient’s focus on improving their members’ overall experience in their day-to-day work life provides further value for those in the healthcare industry.  

Benco Dental 

As a nationwide supplier in the dental field, Benco serves more than 30,000 dental professionals. Contributing dental practice solutions since 1930, Benco prides itself in offering a wide range of products and services.  

Benco gives dental practices options when it comes to radiation monitoring solutions with OSL Whole Body, TLD Whole Body, TLD Fetal, TLD wrist, TLD ring, TLD area and active monitoring solutions.  

Let RDC Provide The Right Dosimetry Solution For Your Organization  

We know that finding the right dosimetry solution for your organization can be very difficult. That’s why our world-class customer service team is happy to provide guidance to help you make the best decision for your organization.   

Radiation Detection Company has 75 years of experience providing quality dosimetry service to over 31,000 companies worldwide.  

Need help understanding what dosimeters your organization needs to prevent unnecessary radiation exposure? Please contact us, and our team will be happy to provide guidance.   

Need a question answered that we did not address in this article? Please reach out to our Customer Care team, and one of our specialists will be more than happy to help.  


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