Radiology Center Needing Alternative to Active Dosimeter

Looking For a Better Small Business Solution

Onslow Radiology CenterJacksonville, NC

In 2017, Onslow Radiology Center – a small practice in Jacksonville, NC – was looking for an alternative solution to the active dosimeter they were using from another provider. “We were having trouble with the readings, and they just didn’t seem accurate. They were too expensive – I don’t remember how much we were paying, but we’re a small business and it just seemed like a lot” said Sandy Howard, Co-Owner of the practice.

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Partnering with Radiation Detection Company

After researching Radiation Detection Company online and reading the positive reviews, she reached out and spoke with a sales consultant, who was able to offer Onslow Radiology Center a great rate based on their membership through one of RDC’s many contracted Group Purchasing Organizations.


Quick Onboarding

Sandy found it was easier to mail the badges back and forth than try and manage the readings themselves. “I’ve been doing this for many years, I was already used to mailing badges back and forth, so I wasn’t worried about doing it again”.


A More Fitting Solution with a Surprising Benefit

While RDC was able to provide both an alternative to the active dosimeter and reduce overall cost, Sandy found the real value in the ease of access to live service when she needed it. “Most of all I like that I can call & reach a person to talk to about a problem or question – not leave a message and wait for a possible call back”.

Since switching to RDC, Onslow Radiology Center has been able to successfully maintain compliance in their dosimetry program at a fraction of the cost to meet their small business needs.

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