Our Story

Founded in the heart of Silicon Valley in 1949, Radiation Detection Company continues to provide our best in class dosimetry services to the Healthcare, Nuclear Power, Veterinary, Dental, Homeland Security & Educational markets. 

The heart and soul of RDC has been, and continues to be, people. We believe strongly in our core values of Integrity, Quality, Safety, and Generosity.  Without our employees, we would be unable to provide the care and quality our customers have come to expect for almost 70 years.

Recently, RDC decided to move from our long-time home in California, to Georgetown, Texas. Located in the heart of Central Texas, Georgetown offered the business friendly environment RDC wanted, however more than that, it offered the culture and qualified personnel which fit RDC’s core values, and mission, "To be the invisible guardians of the people who keep us safe".