What types of accounts and payment options for badge service are available to me?

Prepaid Accounts: Subscriptions for 20 badges or fewer per wear period must be prepaid. The terms of service for prepaid accounts require that a positive cash balance be maintained to insure continuous dosimetry service.

A funding replenishment invoice is generated when both of two conditions exist: (1) There are 90 days or fewer prior to the next scheduled badge wear date; and (2) The estimated pricing for those badges exceed the current cash balance.

Funding replenishment invoices estimate a 12-month period of service based upon the subscriber’s current service type, quantity, frequency and the RDC price list in effect at the time of the renewal estimate. Billing is based upon actual customer usage and the RDC price list in effect at the time of shipment. Ancillary charges (such as rush processing, expedited shipments or unreturned dosimeter fees) are in addition to annual estimates and will be deducted from prepaid accounts. Credit card payments are encouraged.

Shipments are not made to prepaid accounts with zero or negative cash balances.

Invoice Accounts: Subscriptions for 21 badges or more per wear period may be billed on a postpaid basis. Payment terms are NET 30 days. Credit card payments are encouraged.

Shipments are not made to accounts with unpaid balances greater than 60 days.

All accounts can be paid using credit card, check or ACH payments

Are there any discounts available if I make automatic payments?

Yes, Standard RDC customers are eligible for a 5% discount for signing up for automatic payments using a valid credit card.

What do my RDC dosimetry fees include?

RDC’s dosimetry services are provided on a subscription basis. Active and current subscribers will receive a shipment of personalized dosimeters each wear period.

When you sign up with RDC, you are signing up for our dosimetry subscription service.

Your fees include:
Use of our badges
User-friendly reports based on your desired reporting period
Access to MyRadCare (RDC’s online account management program)
Access to our live, highly trained Customer Care and Technical staff
No fees for set-up, additions, deletions, changes, multiple groups
Free control badge with each account